Blacksmiths anvil and tree

On Saturday 7 February 2009, the State of Victoria, Australia experienced the worst natural disaster in the country’s history— a raging fire so fast and so severe that many people were unable to get out of its path.

Like everyone on the day of the fires, local blacksmiths looked on in horror at the unfolding events. And like everyone who saw the terrible devastation, we wanted to help in any way we could. The Tree Project is a response to those fires. Blacksmiths worldwide have been helping us grow a metal tree from their forges and fires; creating gum leaves from stainless steel and copper. This tree is being created to remember the people we have lost, the tireless work of firefighters, relief workers and the people recovering and rebuilding their communities. The tree, due for completion in 2013, represents the spirit of fraternity and renewal.